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  • 1820 - In 1820 at Ruillie sur - Loire, Le Mans diocese, France, Fr. Jacques Dujarie founded the Brothers of St. Joseph.

  • 1835 - Upon the death of Fr. Dujarie, Fr. Basil Moreau succeeded Jacques Dujarie as the Superior of the Brothers of St. Joseph. He transferred them to a place called Holy Cross (Sainte Croix) in LeMans.

  • 1837 - On March 1st, Fr.Moreau united the priests, whom he gathered under him, and the Brothers of St. Joseph, by the fundamental act which marked the foundation of Congregation of Holy Cross.

  • 1852 - Holy Cross Brothers, Sisters and Priests reached Dhaka in Bangladesh.

  • 1960 - Three French Canadian Holy Cross Brothers- Godfrey Danis, Louis Leduc and Donald Nadeau took up their residence at St. Theresa's Industrial School, Maraveneri, Salem - 7, to establish the Holy Cross Brothers in Tamil Nadu.

  • 1963 - Holy Cross School was started with 5 boys as the first students and Bro. Donald Nadeau as the first principal. Bro. Louis Leduc was the builder of Holy Cross School.

  • 2008 – Notre Dame of Holy Cross School (CBSE) was started with 453 students from LKG to Std IV.

  • 2020 - Holy Cross International School (CBSE) was started with 400 students from LKG to Std VI.

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