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Committed to Excellence 


Vision and Mission

"Our vision is to educate the heart and mind of the pupils and make them successful learners to face the world boldly with justice, equality, liberty and fraternity".

Our mission is to be in a prominent position in educating the students in their formative period. As a Catholic school, our purpose is to evangelize and educate in true Christian faith, firm values and high ideals to the student community, respecting their religious sentiments and freedom of conscience.

The students will be moulded to face the challenges of the modern world in the best possible way without ruining their individuality.

Academic achievement will always be in the forefront of all activities of the students. The young minds will understand that God has a mission for everyone in this world. This is achieved through continual improvement in designing, developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating the curriculum, co-curriculum and extra-curriculum along with faculty development programmes.

We adopt high quality practical oriented teaching and learning system to enhance the achievement of the students.

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