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Besides the normal school curriculum we also give due importance to co – curricular and extra curricular activities. Some of these include sports, dance, music, Yoga, Scout, Maths Club, Science Club, Nature Club, Eco Club and Art Club.

Eco Club

The Aim of Eco club

  • To create a clean and green consciousness.

  • To promote ethos of Conservation of Natural resources.

  • To inculcate eco friendly activities.

  • To save the environment by Reducing, Reusing and Recycling of natural resources regardless of race, language or religion for the future generation.

Volunteer Students are selected to check

  • Food habits.

  • Personal hygiene, cleanliness, etc.

  • To inculcate eco friendly activities.

Art Club

Art club is a great place to explore student’s personal interest in art and get hands on experience with art tools and materials.

The Goal of Art Club

  • To provide an opportunity for all students to further their art making experience.

  • To create awareness and educate pupils.

  • To help students to share their creative endeavours and ideas with other students.

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